3. Come and behold: IT IS WRITTEN, "this is that which belongs to the Levites" (Bemidbar 8:24). It is not WRITTEN, 'and this,' WITH A VAV, since they emerge from the side of Judgment, WHICH IS FROM THE LEFT SIDE AND FROM THE SIDE OF MALCHUT THAT IS ERECTED FROM THE LEFT, and not from the angle of Compassion, WHICH IS ZEIR ANPIN. THEREFORE, "THIS" IT IS WRITTEN WITHOUT A VAV, MEANING MALCHUT WITHOUT ZEIR ANPIN. Rabbi Yehuda said: Yet it is written, "and this do to them, that they may live" (Bemidbar 4:19). Here, "THIS" IS WITH A VAV, and it is said about the Levites, and yet you say THAT THE LEVITES ARE THE ASPECT OF "this," and not of, "and this." He said to him: It is most certainly so, THAT THEY ARE IN THE ASPECT OF, "AND THIS." The scripture proves that whoever holds on to deadly poison spices but does not blend into it life-giving spices will certainly die. Therefore, IT IS WRITTEN: "And this do to them, that they may live," MEANING THAT "THIS," WHICH IS THE SECRET OF MALCHUT, CONSIDERED THE TREE OF DEATH, SHOULD JOIN WITH VAV, WHICH IS ZEIR ANPIN, THE TREE OF LIFE. "...And not die..." (Ibid.) This is because the spice of life is mixed with it. THEREFORE, "and this do to them, that they may live, and not die," since they require, "and this," and not 'this.' THEREFORE, the verse: "and this is the Torah," INDICATES that it really is actually in one union, a union of total perfection, male and female in one inclusion; THAT IS THE SECRET OF Vav-Hei. However, "this," ALONE WITHOUT THE VAV, is a Hei alone WITHOUT A VAV, THAT IS, MALCHUT WITHOUT ZEIR ANPIN. About this, it IS WRITTEN: "this is the ordinance of the Torah."