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6. If Adam had not sinned, he would not have begotten any offspring

  From the time of Adam's sin, the children born into our world retain an aspect of the Evil Inclination within their essence. This section helps prevent this evil presence from occurring in new children. Moreover, these words weaken and remove this negative influence...
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7. "And Elohim looked on the earth"

  Reading these paragraphs helps purify the earth, which is constantly being corrupted and defiled through both small and large actions of negativity.  
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8. "Hashem has done that which He devised"

  As a parent feels the pain of a child whose iniquities have caused the child great suffering, the Creator feels the pain of all the souls who walk this earth. We should attempt to understand the Creator's love for us, and become inspired to relieve His pain by...
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9. "For in another seven days"

  Learning the words that compose these powerful verses help us understand the spiritual dangers associated with the wasting of one's sperm. The negative forces in our midst automatically attach themselves to any gateway where the greatest Light can shine. This is Yesod...
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10. "And Noah begot three sons"

  We receive assistance in purifying our souls from the Hand of the Creator Himself, who literally removes the soul, cleanses it, renews it from one of the Three Upper Worlds discussed here, and then gently returns it to our being. This process, which occurs as we...
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11. The punishment in Gehenom

  A positive and healthy fear of sin can inspire us to pursue spiritual development, thereby avoiding the negative repercussions inherent in our world of cause and effect.  
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12. "The End of all Flesh"

  When the Angel of Death is given free rein as a result of the accumulated negative actions of mankind, his power becomes vastly enlarged. Even innocent souls who inadvertently cross his path fall victim to his powers of death and destruction. Nevertheless, Noah was...
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13. "Lift up your voice...poor Anatot!"

  Whereas Moses was able to help generate the revelation of Light on Mount Sinai, including the state of immortality, Noah was unable to accomplish the same feat in his time. The Zohar explains that Noah was a force of one, while Moses achieved a critical mass of people...
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14. The Israelite

  The following section reveals the hidden secrets and mysteries concerning the holidays of Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year), Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement), Sukkot (the Holiday of the Booths), and the First Day of each new month. The Zohar reveals the process by which...
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15. The secrets of the sacrifices

  Here the Zohar discusses the mysteries that surround the ritual of sacrifice. We connect to the Light through the sacrifices that were made during the time of the Temple. The secret of this ritual concerns the sacrifice that must occur within the self. We must become...
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The Ari's Prayer Before Zohar Study