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We found 52 articles on Idra Raba

11. The first Correction (formation)

  Rabbi Yitzchak draws a distinction between the rough hairs and the smooth hairs, the latter of which draw Chochmah to the brain of Zeir Anpin. He says that hairs must not bond to neighboring hairs, and that hair on the head must be long so that Chochmah can enter...
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12. The second Correction (formation)

  Rabbi Chizkiyah leads us into the discussion of the second Correction (formation), saying that it means "who pardons iniquity."  Rabbi Shimon's face is shining like the sun, and he says that Moses was not aware when his face was glowing. Rabbi Shimon tells the...
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13. The third Correction (formation)

  Rabbi Chiya opens by telling the difference between speaking and saying, and we hear that speaking calls for both a raising of the voice and a proclamation of words. He points out several places where 'speaking' is used, and says that Moses was not even fearful when...
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14. The fourth Correction (formation)

  The word remnant is used to explain this Correction (formation), as in "The remnants of Yisrael shall not do iniquity."   
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15. The fifth Correction (formation)

  The fifth Correction (formation) is that God does not maintain His anger forever. We learn that whenever a path in the beard of the Atik is revealed it benefits all levels below because proper advice then becomes available to produce benefits for everyone.  
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16. The sixth Correction (formation)

  Rabbi Yesa establishes this Correction (formation) as God's promise that His faithful love (Chesed) shall never depart from us. He talks about the inner Chesed, the light of Neshamah, and the external Chesed, the light of Ruach. That true kindness of Atik Yomin does...
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17. The seventh Correction (formation)

  Rabbi Shimon tells us that this Correction (formation) is "Like the apple tree among the trees of the wood," and that from these apples life emanates to the world. He talks about the light of the countenance of God and says that when it shines the universe gets...
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18. The eighth Correction (formation)

  Rabbi Elazar begins by saying that everything including the Torah scroll depends on Mazal (constellation) but wonders whether everything is really dependent on the constellations; can anyone who is truly hallowed be dependent on the birth of planets? Rabbi Shimon says...
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19. The ninth Correction (formation)

  Rabbi Aba says that the hairs that get blended with the hanging hairs are referred to as depths of the sea, since they emerge from the cords of the brain, and from this place all the complaints that demand justice for the sins of men are subdued.  
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20. The tenth and eleventh Corrections (formations)

  Rabbi Yehuda talks about the fear of Hashem, and says that the tenth Correction (formation) is called "You will show truth to Jacob,"  while the eleventh is called "Loyal love to Abraham."  
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