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11. "Let the hair grow" "“ "And let them shave"

  Rabbi Shimon continues by saying that the Nazirite must not cut his hair or shave because the roots of hair exist from the right side, and he is entirely isolated from judgment. After he comes back from isolation the priest must atone for him so that the Nazirite can...
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12. Holy - Pure

  Rabbi Shimon talks about the secret of hair in relation to holiness.  
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13. Fear, humility and piety

  Rabbi Yitzchak says that whoever fears sin has awe and humility and piety because all of these are included in the fear of heaven. Rabbi Yehuda talks about the angel Michael who is a priest above and about the priest below who called is an angel since he comes from...
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14. An unmarried priest is not allowed to serve

  We are told that a priest who does not have a wife is not permitted to carry out his duties because the Shechinah does not dwell in someone unmarried, and it is imperative for a priest to have the Shechinah dwell in him.  
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15. "In this way you shall bless"

  Rabbi Yitzchak says that the one who gives the blessing must do so with fear, with humility and with holiness. He talks about righteousness and "a great plague" that awakens judgments. The priest should give his blessings on Malchut with mercy and he should perfume...
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16. "Saying to them"

  Rabbi Shimon says that the Hidden Book tells us that the Holy Name is both revealed and concealed. Rabbi Yehuda talks about the secret of the name of 22 letters that is referred to in the priestly benediction. Rabbi Elazar explains to Rabbi Yosi that God called Yisrael...
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17. When the priest raises his hands

  Rabbi Yosi tells us that people should not look at the hands of the priest when he raises his hands in blessing because, although they can not see the Shechinah that dwells there, they need to be in awe and so they should not be disrespectful of the Shechinah....
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18. The priestly benediction

  We are told about the inner significance of the spreading of the fingers of the priest during the blessing. The children of Yisrael are blessed from the Holy Name of God.  ×¨×¢×™× מהימנא  
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19. "And they shall put my name"

  Rabbi Yehuda says that any priest who the people do not love should not bless them, for he must love the people and they must love him. The rabbis talk about the evil eye and the good eye, and how important it is to bless with a good eye. Rabbi Yehuda said that God...
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20. "And he counted it to him for righteousness"

  We learn that God told Abram not to believe in the astrological signs that said he would be childless, for his name would be changed to Abraham and he would produce many offspring; Abram considered Malchut to be of mercy rather than judgment and this allowed him to...
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