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1. At midnight

  Rabbi Aba speaks about the time of day and how judgment and joy and praise are aroused at different times of the day and night. He says that during sleep the soul rises above and is examined about its daily activities that are then recorded in the book.  
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2. "And in the night his song shall be with me"

  We learn about the role of the Levites and the role of the priest in the Temple, and are told that the priest is the angel Michael and the Levite is the angel Gabriel, who must make the music. Information is given about how the songs and chants should be done with the...
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3. "To do trespass against Hashem"

  We are told about Heber the Kenite who went into the desert to find God, separating himself from his people; whenever a person follows the ways of the Torah he draws the spirit of the most Holy upon himself, but when he diverts his ways from the Torah he draws upon...
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4. Repentance

  Rabbi Yehuda wonders why if someone's sins actually harmed the whole universe, his repentance should help. Rabbi Yitzchak replies that when someone makes repentance it restores whatever he damaged above; repentance restores everything, including the man himself and the...
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5. A wife suspected of adultery (Sota)

  This section talks about the unfaithful wife, who has trespassed against the Congregation of Yisrael and also against her husband, and therefore against Malchut and Zeir Anpin. We learn why the woman is taken to the priest, not for judgment but only for testing by...
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6. The Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil

  Elijah talks about the time to come when the children of Yisrael will get all their sustenance solely from the Tree of Life, and when the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil will no longer apply to them at all. He says that the ignorant will have to learn what is...
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7. The mixed multitudes

  We learn from Elijah that no new converts will be accepted during the days of Messiah. Moses asks Elijah to do his utmost not to delay the redemption, since Moses is waiting in the prison of the grave due to the sins of his people. He says that the Torah scholars are...
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8. "Why, when I came, there was no man"

  Rabbi Elazar talks about the quorum of ten people required in the synagogue.  
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9. Death and the punishment by beating in the grave

  Rabbi Aba tells us how a person assumes he will live forever, until he gets ill and undergoes judgment, at which time all his actions stand as evidence for or against him. We hear what happens as soon as he is in the grave and we hear about all the trials he has to...
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10. The Nazirite

  Rabbi Aba wonders why someone who has made the vow of a Nazirite to be sanctified with holiness is not allowed to eat grapes. Rabbi Shimon answers that wine and strong drink and grapes are all attached to the same aspect, that is of the Left Column, and it is...
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