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11. Righteousness together with its Judgments

   Rabbi Yosi tells us that God reproves and corrects those He loves but does not do so for those He hates so as not to give them a portion of Himself. Rabbi Yosi also talks about the spirits that wander about and chastise people.  
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12. "Seven times for your sins"

   We learn that God will give the world only as much judgment as it can bear. If He had punished the world according to its sins, the world would never have survived. Rabbi Shimon talks about the 'daughter of seven', the Sabbatical Year and the well of seven. These...
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13. "For your transgressions was your mother put away"

   Rabbi Aba says that God is with Yisrael even in their exile, and when their exile is over He will return with them.  
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14. "These are the words of the Covenant"

   Rabbi Yosi tells Rabbi Chiya that the curses in the Book of Vayikra were said by Gvurah and those in Devarim were said by Moses himself, and yet both were the words of the Covenant because good and evil depend on them. Righteous and Righteousness together are called...
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