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1. "Remember now what Balak king of Moab devised"

   Rabbi Chiya opens by saying how happy are those whose Master reproves them out of His care for them. Rabbi Yosi says even though God told Yisrael to remember Him, when they cry out to him He does not pay attention to them. Rabbi Yehuda disagrees, and contends that if...
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2. "And Elohim came to Bilaam at night"

   Rabbi Yehuda talks about the witchcraft that Bilaam made at night by summoning the chieftain of the left side. That Elohim was also summoned by the spells of Laban and Abimelech, as the name Elohim is shared by all even idolatry is called Elohim, namely Other Elohim...
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3. "It pleased Hashem to bless Yisrael"

   Rabbi Yehuda says that Bilaam was looking for a way to curse the children of Yisrael but found nothing since there was no great wrath hanging over the world; therefore he discontinued his enchantments.  
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4. "If you walk in My statutes"

   We read about the statutes, the laws, and the precepts and decrees of the Oral and the Written Torah. Rabbi Yehuda says that transgressing the words of the Torah is the same as rendering the Holy Name defective. One must not only walk in God's statutes and keep His...
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5. "Then I will give you rain in due season"

   Rabbi Shimon tells us that anyone who gives charity to the poor constructs the Holy Name.  
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6. Charity to the poor

   We learn from Rabbi Shimon that giving charity to the poor causes the Holy Name to be made whole since charity is the Tree of Life and it bestows blessings upon righteousness. He says that the awakening above is according to one's actions below. The poor man has...
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7. "And I will give you peace in the land"

   Rabbi Yosi says that a man lying in his bed at night should not speak about the demons that roam around seeking judgment. He tells us that when the children of Yisrael are found to be meritorious God gives them peace in the land. Rabbi Aba talks about the fact that...
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8. "And I will set My Tabernacle among you"

   Rabbi Yosi tells us that God reproves and corrects those He loves but does not do so for those He hates so as not to give them a portion of Himself. Rabbi Yosi also talks about the spirits that wander about and chastise people.  
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