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11. Reincarnation

  We are told about the secret of reincarnation, that light can come out of darkness. Darkness comes out of light when drops of semen are mixed in the daughter of a strange El a man's good should not be mingled with evil. We read how a man can attain a Neshamah through...
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12. Change of name, change of place, change of deed

  We learn how Abraham mended the sins of Adam and Terah and how he made God and the Shechinah to rule over the whole world. The section tells of how Adam was reincarnated and how his transgressions were overturned. Through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob Adam obtained a...
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13. "For to Me the children of Yisrael are servants"

  Yisrael are called God's servants because it is a commandment to serve with prayer and with deeds and by observing the precepts of the Torah. Yisrael are also called God's children when they know God in a particular way and when they have permission to look into His...
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14. The secret of the servant and the secret of the son

  We learn that one should be in the grade of the servant in order to perform the many kinds of works required; one would then be called, like Malchut, 'master of the whole earth'. The grade of the son is where one strives to know his Father's secrets and all the...
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