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We found 14 articles on Behar

1. "Which shall be burning upon the altar all night"

  Rabbi Elazar talks about the nighttime when Judgments are awakened in the world and sorcery is performed. He tells what happens when midnight approaches, and the joy that God finds among the Righteous in the Garden of Eden. In the morning the Judgments and flames are...
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2. "Then shall the land keep a Shabbat to Hashem"

  We are told that when Yisrael entered the land there were no lower judgments and everything was peaceful. Rabbi Elazar talks about the Sabbatical Year that is total rest for the spirit and body.  
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3. The yoke of the Kingdom of Heaven

  Rabbi Elazar tells us that man must accept the yoke of the kingdom of Heaven before he can do any work. This yoke can not rest on anyone who is attached to another, so slaves are exempt from the commandments and from the yoke, as were Yisrael while they were in exile...
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4. "And his master shall bore his ear through"

  Rabbi Elazar describes what happens when someone rejects his freedom, preferring to stay attached to his master. The blemish of having his ear bored through remains with him because he refused to listen. Rabbi Elazar says that anyone who shows mercy for the poor...
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5. The Sabbatical Year and Jubilee

  This section emphasizes the numbers seven and 49 in relation to the seventh year and the seven Sfirot. The numerologys are explained in the counting of the priest. We read about the precepts to count the Jubilee year and to return to one's inheritance on the Jubilee....
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6. Blowing the Shofar on the Jubilee

  Rabbi Shimon says that at the time of Redemption it will be a precept to blow the Shofar on the Jubilee; then all of Yisrael will assemble from the four points of the earth. He tells how the priests, the Levites and the children of Yisrael all fulfilled their...
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7. The joining of the Holy One, blessed be He, and the Shechinah

  Rabbi Shimon speaks to the deans of the Yeshiva, telling them how the Shechinah is the sacrifice for God since she comes near Him with each of His Sfirot and with the total connection of male and female. He says that a man without a wife is like a half body and the...
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8. "And if you shall say, What shall we eat in the seventh year"

  Rabbi Yehuda says that one must do good in order to arouse good deeds above, and that if he is perfect with his Master he can come to no harm through the actions of others in the world. He talks about the importance of Faith, and says that Malchut performs according...
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9. Charity saves from Death

  We read a story wherein Rabbi Chiya and Rabbi Yosi encounter two men, one of whom gives all of his food to a poor man on the road. The charitable man is saved by a miracle from a snake, and Rabbi Yosi says that he earned the miracle by way of his merit in going hungry...
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10. "they shall be your bondsmen for ever"

  We are told that it is a commandment to have a Canaanite slave as a bondsman because they come from the side of Ham who uncovered nakedness. Yet Eliezer, the servant of Abraham, was Righteous even though he was the descendant of Ham because God approved of the...
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