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11. "And then the voice of the Shofar sounded louder and louder"

  Rabbi Aba says that in "the voice of the Shofar," two things are being referred to: the voice, and the Shofar. He says that the Torah issues from here, and that it was given from the place that comprises all voices. The first tablets were engraved from this place,...
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12. Moses' voice

  Rabbi Aba examines the verse, "Moses speaks, and Elohim answers him by a voice," and determines that the voice with which Moses spoke is the voice of Zeir Anpin, and that nothing proceeded from the mouth of Moses alone. Yet whatever Moses spoke was included in the...
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13. "But if a priest's daughter be married to a stranger"

  We learn from Rabbi Aba that when God completed the world below, He wished to complete the body of man with the soul, so He created him male and female. Only when a man joins with his wife and they have a son and daughter is man complete in the likeness of above. If a...
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14. Yisrael sustain their Father in heaven

  We learn that the meal is made of the savor of the offering when it rises to God. The savor is for His servants and the sweetness is for God, who does not eat until He has prepared a meal for his servants. Only the souls of the righteous partake of God's meal.  
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15. "How good and how pleasant"

  We are reminded that God gave the children of Yisrael neither to a minister nor a messenger, but holds to them Himself, and calls them His servants, His children and His brethren.  
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16. "And if a man shall take his sister"

  From the book of Rabbi Yeba Saba (the elder), we learn that when the Congregation of Yisrael is in unity, they rejoice in God and He in them. The word "one" indicates complete union, whereby Yisrael are united with God. Rabbi Shimon had also said that "one" means...
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17. "And Elohim came to Abimelech"

  Rabbi Acha tells us that when Elohim is mentioned it always means the minister appointed over them, as in the title verse. The question arises of who is being sinned against in "for I also withheld you from sinning against me." Rabbi Shimon offers the explanation...
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18. "Serve Hashem with gladness"

  Rabbi Yehuda reminds us that man must perform every service for God with a glad and willing heart so that his service will be complete. The difficulty is that a man cannot come before God in gladness when he has sinned, because he should be broken...
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19. "But as for me, I will come into your house

in the multitude of your love"  Rabbi Aba says that the title verse refers to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, who composed the prayer before God; therefore a man should consult them before he goes to the synagogue and prays.  
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20. "If his offering be a burnt sacrifice"

  Rabbi Yosi says that people are to sacrifice what they can afford an animal of the herd, or an animal of the flock, or a bird. Rabbi Elazar says that people should sacrifice in correlation to the sin they have committed; he explains that the rich man must compensate...
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