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11. "All the gold that was applied for the work"

  Rabbi Shimon says that David sinned greatly when he ran from Saul, causing so many thousands to be killed including all the priests except Evyatar; this sin still goes unpunished. He tells us that the title verse means that God took the gold the people gave for the...
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12. "And he turned back, and looked at them"

  Rabbi Yosi begins by telling how Elisha went out of the city and was followed by some small boys who mocked him. He says 'small' means that they had no faith and that they were guilty according to the laws of this world and the next. "And he turned back, and looked at...
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13. Gold from below upwards and silver from above downwards

  We learn that in, "Even the gold of the wave offering," 'wave' always means lifting upward, not drawing downward, and that this term applies to gold and brass but not silver. Silver is Chassidim and it can be drawn downward, but whenever gold descends its beauty and...
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14. Counting and Numbers

  Rabbi Shimon returns in his discussion to the building of the Tabernacle, in itself the union of Tiferet and the holy covenant. Since all of this building was done in the secret of the right, the evil eye has no power whenever the right side is present. The 'silver'...
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15. "Unless Hashem builds the house"

  We are told that King Solomon saw that the work was finished by the hands of the craftsmen but was actually constructed by God. The most important part of the labor is what Binah made, and if this is not included the work is done in vain. Then he speaks about: "Behold...
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16. "And the thousand seven hundred and seventy-five"

  Rabbi Shimon says that Moses forgot about the shekels in "And of the one thousand seven hundred and seventy-five shekels he made hooks for the pillars, and overlaid their capitals" until a resounding voice reminded him of them. Rabbi Chizkiyah opens with: "While the...
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17. Each order contains three

  Rabbi Yehuda and Rabbi Yosi talk about King Nebuchadnezzar who made the image that he saw in his dream, that had a head of gold and silver and brass. Rabbi Yosi says the mystery of the Tabernacle is in these three metals. Discussion ensues of the numbers three and...
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18. Forty-five kinds of lights

  From Beresheet we read about how the world is divided into 45 kinds of lights. It tells about the seven Sfirot divided into seven abysses, stones that roll into the abyss and are pierced by light and then filled with water. We read about the darknesses, the pipes,...
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19. "mountains of brass"

  Rabbi Shimon speaks about the brass that is used in the building of the Tabernacle for the sockets and the ministering vessels of the altar and the brass clasps. He says this is 'wave brass' that is called "mountains of brass," and that they are the male and female of...
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20. Sacred robes

  Rabbi Shimon describes how the sacred robes of Michael, the High Priest, were made from the supernal light that sparked off purple and blue. In the same way that Michael does not enter the sanctuary until he is robed, Moses did not go up into the mountain before he...
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