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1. "All the rivers run into the sea"

  Rabbi Chiya opens with: "All the rivers run into the sea, yet the sea is not full...," saying that these rivers are the secret of the Sfirot that are the holy rivers that filled the great sea, Malchut. The sea then flows over and provides water for the animals in the...
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2. "Oh how great is Your goodness,

which You have laid up for those who fear You"  Rabbi Yosi says that people should observe the ways of God, for every day a voice tells people to stay away from sin. He tells us that supernal judgment is a wheel that is constantly turning, lifting people up and bringing...
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3. "And in mercy a throne was established"

  Rabbi Elazar opens with the verse: "And in Mercy a throne was established, and he sat upon it in truthfulness..." He says this means that the thought went up to join with the will and joy that come from the incomprehensible, Atik. The joy shone into the thought, Aba...
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4. "These are the accounts of the Tabernacle"

  Rabbi Shimon opens by saying that God created this world in the image of the higher one. When He wanted to create the world He looked at the Torah, and He looked at the Holy Name, Yud Hei Vav Hei. He created the world with Chochmah, Tevunah and Da'at, through wisdom,...
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5. "Beautiful for situation, the joy of the whole earth"

  Rabbi Yehuda says that when God created the world He threw a precious stone down from underneath the throne of glory. It fell into the abyss and one end of it stuck out, this is now the foundation of the world. From this point are three circles of expansion. The first...
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6. "These are the accounts of the Tabernacle," part two

  Rabbi Chizkiyah says that although the craftsmen began work on the temple, it was finished on its own, and although God began work on the creation of the heavens and the earth they were finished on their own. As evidence for this he points out that all the verses...
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7. "And He shall be the faithfulness of your times"

  Rabbi Yesa says that the faithful should tune themselves to the name of heaven so that Malchut will unite with Zeir Anpin. "Your times" refers to the time set aside for studying the Torah, and "faithfulness" refers to Malchut. "A strength of salvation" consists of...
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8. The name Betzalel caused

  Rabbi Yosi and Rabbi Yitzchak are walking together. Rabbi Yosi says that God chose Betzalel to build the temple because of his name, that means 'in the shadow of El,' 'El' being the name of Chesed. He adds that God made names on earth because they have significance....
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9. "When the wicked sprout like grass"

  Rabbi Aba, Rabbi Yosi and Rabbi Chizkiyah are studying the Torah together, and Rabbi Chizkiyah wonders why God is so patient in judging the wicked. He says that Rabbi Shimon told him this is because the judgment that God desires is a clear, loving and joyful judgment...
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10. The 42 sacrifices of Balak

  When Balak made his sacrifice he intended to placate God because he had killed so many people. God did not accept this sacrifice, nor did the Other Side. Those who were to be punished were cursed in Hashem's name but until now they have not been punished, nor have the...
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