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11. The ascension of prayer

  Rabbi Yosi tells us about the external service of deeds that relies on the twelve outer limbs, and the internal service of prayer that relies on the twelve internal organs of the body. A man's prayer is considered a worship of the Ruach, and it has great power above....
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12. A fire on Shabbat eve

  Rabbi Yitzchak says there is a very high secret why "You shall kindle no fire throughout your habitations on the Shabbat day," and talks about the shining star that comes from the north and strikes another seventy stars, until all seventy become one and the star...
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13. What is Shabbat

  Rabbi Hamnuna Saba (the elder) says that when Shabbat enters, the crier proclaims throughout all the firmaments, 'be prepared, O Chariots; be prepared, O legions, before your Master.' After this a spirit, the light of Chesed, comes from the south and is called 'the...
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14. The additional soul

  We are told that Malchut is the lowest point, and when it emerges on Shabbat night it expands along with its lights and spreads its wings over the world to protect it. Then another spirit of Neshamah is added to each person, and joy replaces sorrow and wrath. Ruach...
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15. The safe-keeping on Shabbat

  When the spirit of Ruach rests upon the world it protects all Yisrael from harm, from evil spirits and prosecutors. Rabbi Shimon says that on the eve of the fourth day one should be careful of the Other Side, for curses and maledictions exist when the moon is not full...
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16. The Shabbat prayer

  We learn that the Shabbat prayer consists of three prayers that correspond to three Shabbats (Binah, Zeir Anpin and Malchut) that are all really one. Anyone in the synagogue must occupy himself solely with praises, prayers and study of the Torah. Shabbat is the day of...
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17. The secret of the Torah scroll

  In this section we are reminded that we have already been told why the Torah scroll is read on Shabbat, and that the mysteries of all the small details of the text were given to Moses on Mount Sinai. The question is asked why then the scroll is lacking all those...
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18. The secrets of Shabbat

  The passage begins with "let no man go out of his place on the seventh day," saying that it is a profanation of the Shabbat to work with one's hands or to walk more than 2,000 cubits out of the city limits. Now we hear that it is good to draw out the Shabbat as long...
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19. The luminaries of fire

  We are told that at the end of Shabbat permission is given to the lower chiefs to govern the world, and a man must now separate the holy from the secular. At this time he must say the blessing over the light of fire. This fire is not the everyday fire but Shabbat's...
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20. The fingernails

  We learn that the fingernails are the secret of the luminaries of fire while the inner parts of the fingers are the secret of the luminaries of light. This is why the fingernails should be exposed to the candle when the blessing over the candle is said, but the inner...
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