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1. "And Moses gathered"

  Rabbi Chiya says that the war that Amalek waged against Yisrael was on all sides, because an evil serpent strengthened up above and down below. He talks about defilement, impurity and nocturnal pollution, and tells how God supplied Bilaam with a place of defilement as...
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2. Three night watches

  Rabbi Elazar describes how the night's twelve hours are divided into three, each of which is allotted to a different host of angels. The first is appointed to praise their Master with love. At that time the souls of those on earth leave their bodies to go up: those...
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3. The Angel of Death is present among the women

  At daylight the rabbis rise from studying the Torah and go to see Rabbi Shimon. He cautions them not to go outside because the Angel of Death is around, and has permission to destroy whoever he wants. Rabbi Shimon explains that the angel of death can ask for justice...
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4. "Who has ascended up into heaven, and come down"

  We read a lengthy discussion of the verse, "Who has ascended up into heaven, and come down again? Who has gathered the wind in his fists? Who has bound the waters in a garment? Who has established all the ends of the earth? What is His name, and what is His son's name...
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5. "whoever is of a willing heart"

  Rabbi Shimon speaks first of the raising of Malchut to be united with Zeir Anpin, the uniting of the supernal Chariot and the lower Chariot. We hear of the upper ministers and the patriarchs who have the honor to bear the holy chair, Malchut. "Whoever is of a willing...
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6. In the works of Creation, He set conditions for everything

  Rabbi Aba says that when God created the world He foresaw events and created conditions for everything. When He created the fish he stipulated that a certain fish in the future would swallow Jonah. When He created the heavens He stipulated that they would raise Elijah...
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7. Jonah descended into the ship

  In this section Rabbi Aba draws an extended parallel between the story of Jonah who went down into the ship, and the soul of man that descends into this world to dwell in the body of man. The soul is called Jonah (deceived) because after it enters the body it is...
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8. The book above and the book below

  Rabbi Chiya explains in this section the written and hidden Torah above and the Oral Torah below. He says that when God created the world, He did so solely for Yisrael so they would come and receive the Torah; by the Torah the world was created and upon the Torah it...
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9. Two out of a hundred

  Here Rabbi Chiya explains the meaning of "heave-offering," that is the tithing of two parts out of one hundred. Each of the ten Sfirot includes ten Sfirot, so this makes one hundred. To lift Malchut, she must be raised with her husband Yesod, so these two Sfirot are...
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10. The intent of prayer

  Rabbi Shimon is speaking about the secret of prayer, that when a man devotes his heart and will to prayer, he amends the supernal amendment. We hear of the parts of the prayer, the benedictions, the sitting and the standing. Then we are told that when the High Holy...
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