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1. "And these are the judgments which you shall set before them"

  Rabbi Shimon says that the title verse refers to the rules concerning reincarnation the judgments of souls that are to be sentenced according to their punishable acts.   
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2. "If you buy a Hebrew servant..."

  Rabbi Shimon continues by saying that unperfected souls are forced to be born again until they have finished correcting the six levels of Chesed, Gvurah, Tiferet, Netzach, Hod and Yesod. Only when they are from the aspect of the seventh, the Shechinah, are they allowed...
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3. The old sage (Saba)

  Rabbi Yosi recounts to Rabbi Chiya a number of annoying riddles that had been posed to him by an old merchant with whom he had traveled on a voyage. The two rabbis call for the merchant to speak to them. The merchant says that there are matters of wisdom hidden in...
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4. "If men strive"

  The title verse is explained as saying that if Michael, representing holiness, and Samael, representing defilement, strive and hurt the congregation of Yisrael, Samael will be punished by the Holy One, blessed be He. 
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5. Returning that which was lost

  Rabbi Shimon says that the thing that was lost was Malchut, that Moses lost when the tablets broke. Malchut can rise only with the aid of her husband, Moses, and this is the lost thing returned. He tells Moses that the Torah was revealed to him because it is like the...
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6. Setting aside cities of refuge

  Rabbi Shimon continues to speak to Moses, telling him that he has merited the last Hei, Malchut, due to his seeking it with repentance, returning it to his Master, leading it out of exile and not seeking any reward. God put His name in Moses and he put His thoughts...
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7. Mem-Tet and Mot ("˜the rod')

  Rabbi Shimon tells Moses that the staff given to him will be a Tree of Life, denoting Vav, which will become a rod. He explains that two precepts were validated, "you shall surely help him to lift them up again" and "You shall surely unload it with him." These...
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8. Redeeming a Hebrew servant

  This section tells us that we must strive to serve our Master to become His servant. A person who toils in Torah in order to merit the World to Come is called 'an acquisition', as in "when you acquire a Hebrew servant, six years he shall serve." After the acquisition...
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9. A two edged sword

  The head Rabbis of the Yeshiva have descended with Rabbi Shimon and are addressing Moses. They speak about the verse, "The high praises of El are in their throats, and a two edged sword in their hand." They tell Moses that he is the mouthpiece of the higher and lower...
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10. A vow and an oath

  Rabbi Shimon says that Hashem's oath is the Shechinah, the only daughter, and that three people are required to release one from an oath. A vow is superior to an oath because, while an oath can take effect only on something of substance, a vow can take effect even on...
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