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1. "And Elisha passed to Shunem"

  Rabbi Shimon opens by talking about Habakkuk, but then discusses the entire story recounted in II Melachim about Elisha and the Shunamite woman who had fed him bread when he passed by, and prepared for him a "small upper chamber...with walls...a bed and table and...
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2. Three deaths

  We hear that at the time of the first Passover, there were three revengeful deaths performed against Egypt: the one that related to the deaths of the firstborn, the one that God killed at midnight, and the one when Pharaoh saw the death in his own house. Rabbi Shimon...
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3. "And Elohim led the people about"

  Rabbi Yehuda wonders why after the children of Yisrael were circumcised, had offered the Passover sacrifice and were bound to God, He still calls them "the people" and not "My people." Rabbi Shimon explains that it was because they were still attached to the mixed...
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4. "And Hashem went before them by day"

  Rabbi Yosi says that it is necessary to be occupied with the Torah day and night, and that one must rise after midnight to study Torah because it is then that the Holy One, blessed be He, enters into the Garden of Eden to delight Himself with the righteous there. He...
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5. "And he took six hundred chosen chariots"

  Rabbi Yosi says that the 600 chosen chariots corresponds to the number of the children of Yisrael, "about 600,000 men on foot." Rabbi Chiya tells us that when the Holy One, blessed be He, gives dominion to the ministers of the nations above, He gives it to their...
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6. "And when Pharaoh drew near"

  Rabbi Yosi tells us that Pharaoh actually caused the children of Yisrael to come closer to the Holy One, blessed be He, because it is in times of tribulation that they remember and pray to Him. Then He becomes full of compassion for them. Speaking of Moses, Rabbi...
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7. "Hashem shall fight for you, and you shall hold your peace"

  Rabbi Aba says that one who observes the Sabbath is as though he observed the whole Torah, as the Sabbath is the delight of everything. One should invite the Sabbath in, like a guest. On the Sabbath secular speech is forbidden because it stimulates secular things...
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8. "Why do you cry out to Me"

  Rabbi Yehuda speaks about Jonah crying out to Hashem out of the belly of the fish. Rabbi Elazar confirms his statement that the fish died while Jonah was still in its belly, and says that when Jonah prayed his prayer, God revived the fish and brought it out to the dry...
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9. "But lift up your rod"

  Rabbi Elazar says that the rod, whether it is called 'the rod of Moses' or 'the rod of Elohim', is for the purpose of rekindling the aspect of Gvurah. Rabbi Shimon clarifies that since water emerges from the side of Gvurah, "lift up your rod" is to dry up the water,...
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10. "And He took off their chariot wheels"

  Rabbi Shimon opens with "And He took off their chariot wheels," and, "Now as I beheld the living creatures, behold one wheel upon the earth by the living creatures." He tells us that The Holy One, blessed be He establishes His dominion through the Patriarchs. Jacob...
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