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1. "And Jacob lived"

   Rabbi Yosi opens a discussion on the meaning of the quotation, "And Jacob lived," which has high mysteries contained in it, because Jacob arrived at a hitherto unprecedented prophecy "and lived" in Egypt, among his exiled descendants. Rabbi Yosi next questions how...
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2. "And the time drew near...and he called his son Joseph"

  Rabbi Chizkiyah begins by explaining that Israel saw the torture of exile upon his descendants, and consequently, his soul began to die. Israel then gathered his exiles and told them that if they wished to be absolved of their sins, they must behave according to...
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3. "Behold, your father is sick"

Rabbi Chizkiyah begins by saying that this quotation refers to events at the end of exile, and means, literally, Joseph’s father, Yisrael, is “worried and in haste.” Rabbi Aba then adds that the name Yud-Hei-Vav יהו would be changed to Yud Hei Vav Hei יהוה to expedite...
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4. "At evening time, there will be light"

  Rabbi Yosi describes how there will be a day without day or night, until the evening, when there will be light, at which time, two evils will befall Jacob's children. But these occur so his children can be taken to "the good land." Rabbi Aba then poses a conundrum: "...
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5. "And one told Jacob"

  Rabbi Yosi explains that the quotation, "And one told Jacob," refers to Jacob being told his children would be redeemed. Through this redemption, Jacob would receive both truth and grace, which are two Sfirot, also contained in two higher Chariots, Abraham and Jacob...
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6. "And sat upon the bed"

  Rabbi Shimon explains that chief angel Michael will come to the side of Israel at his time of redemption. Israel will gain strength from this, and will sit on the bed, which is a code alluding to this truth. Rabbi Shimon then explains that "marries the daughter of a...
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7. The names called hand

  Rabbi Elazar first explains that the hands belong to The Creator, the source of Light for everything, meaning mercy. He then begs Rabbi Shimon to reveal to him the secret of the name "hand." Rabbi Shimon explains that without the "hand," which is mercy, war would...
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8. "...appeared to me at Luz"

  Rabbi Aba explains that Luz is Jerusalem, namely Binah, which will give a blessing to Jacob and thereby ensure that the land will be given to his children. Rabbi Elazar further describes that the blessing will also ensure a pure land, and happy will be the portion of...
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9. "Behold, I will make you fruitful, and multiply you"

  Rabbi Aba first explains that shame will not overcome Jacob, since he will keep his promise to his children, [Behold, I will make you fruitful and multiply you,] because to fail would be to invoke shame upon himself. The quotation is a blessing from God, meant to...
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10. "And now your two sons...who were born to you"

  Rabbi Yosi opens the discussion with the saying that the two sons, Ephraim and Menasheh, are born to Israel into 'exile'. Vav will help Jacob at the time of redemption, and give his children a portion of the land. The aspect of Ephraim refers to the children who were...
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