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We found 52 articles on Beresheet A

1. Making an engraving upon the supernal light

The Zohar discusses the primordial phase that ignited the process of creation. This phase produced a vacated space, a void into which our physical universe would eventually be born. By this act of creation, the infinite gave birth to the finite. Just as a seed contains...
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2. "The brightness of the firmament"

When God created the world, He knew that we, the vessels, could not receive His awesome, blazing Light in Its totality. This Kabbalistic notion can be likened to a tripped circuit breaker caused by an overload of electric current. It can also be compared to the light of...
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3. Intonations, vowels, and letters

The relationship between the Hebrew letters, vowels and intonations are explained in terms of their spiritual significance. The Zohar tells us that the letters, vowels and intonations are not merely the building the blocks of language. They are the building blocks of...
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4. "And the earth was without form"

The Creation process, the Zohar explains, began in a state of utter chaos. Out of this chaos emerged the concept of order. The Zohar reveals the process by which order emerges form chaos. The more furious and frenzied the initial chaos, the greater the order and the...
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5. "And there was light"

The Zohar reveals the elaborate process by which the Light of The Creator was first revealed to the world. This section helps awaken our own desire to reveal the Light, above and beyond our own personal needs.
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6. "Let there be a firmament"

Three distinct spiritual energy forces permeate all existence. Using the language of metaphor, the Zohar identities these three forces as Right, Left and Central Columns. Right correlates to the positive [+] force, which manifests physically as the proton. Left...
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7. "Let the waters...be gathered"

Here the Zohar speaks about the dimension, or Sfirah, called Yesod. This is an immense reservoir that resides just above our physical dimension. All the Upper Worlds, or Sfirot, fill Yesod with their unique spiritual forces, where they are blended and prepared for...
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8. "Let the earth bring forth grass"

The verse "Let the Earth Bring Forth Grass" is a code which signifies the bringing down of souls into our physical world. The Zohar discusses a vast system of angels which form a communication network through which positive and negative influences travel. This network...
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9. "Let there be lights"

According to the Zohar, it is at this point in the process of Creation that the children's disease called croup was brought forth into existence. This disease is governed by Lilit, a particular negative female angel whose name we do not pronounce. She has the ability...
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10. "The two great luminaries"

The Zohar discusses the creation of the sun and the moon, which originally were of equal size and importance. But the moon was not content, and she cast a jealous eye on her cosmic neighbor. As a result of her envy of the sun's illumination, the moon was eventually...
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The Ari's Prayer Before Zohar Study