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1. First Chapter

  Rabbi Shimon says that the Concealed Book consists of five chapters, contained in a great chamber, that fill the entire earth. However, only one who has entered wisdom and come out from it in peace can see the entire wisdom in that book. He tells a parable to...
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2. Second Chapter

  Here the Beard of Faith is explained. This beard is not mentioned in the Torah, being too precious to be spoken of there; all thirteen of its characteristics are outlined here. There are thirteen springs, nine of which flow down to water the body, Zeir Anpin the...
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3. Third Chapter

  We hear that the Beard was concealed in the scriptures because everything that is hidden and not revealed is lofty and precious. Here the nine features of the Beard are listed, together with the nine clauses beginning in Tehilim 118:5 with "Out of my distress I called...
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4. Fourth Chapter

  This chapter tells us that Atika is hidden but Zeir Anpin, who is partially hidden, is revealed in Malchut. He cannot be comprehended in His own place, but He can be comprehended in a different place. When lower man descended in the image and likeness, there were two...
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5. Fifth Chapter

  Rabbi Shimon begins by explaining the seven levels, that culminate in the souls of Adam and Eve outside of Atzilut. Zeir Anpin concealed His face from them because of their sin of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. After this we read about the verses in Beresheet...
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1. Noah and the ark

  The Zohar reveals secrets within the literal story of Noah and the Ark. Noah embodies the Sfirot of Yesod. The Ark is a metaphor for our world of Malchut. The sins of this generation literally separated the Malchut from Yesod, which was its source of Light.  This is...
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2. "Come, behold the works"

  Noah was given his name because it was a direct reflection of his spiritual character. Noah is derived from the Hebrew word Nechamah, נחמה which means to console. Noah's spiritual work and destiny was to console the earth in the aftermath of the flood and the...
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3. "A good man lends with a good grace"

  We are given the opportunity to enhance our connection to the spiritual dimension of Yesod.  
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4. "Drink water out of your own cistern"

  Our realm of Malchut cannot draw in the Light without first arousing desire, and desire is aroused through the building of one's Vessel. According to the Zohar, righteous souls build Vessels through their positive actions and spiritual deeds. This secret is concealed...
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5. "And the earth was corrupt"

  The spiritual lesson revealed through these verses concerns the residue of negativity created by our immoral actions. The forces of negativity, aroused when we sin, remain with us and within the world indefinitely until true repentance is achieved by the wrong doer....
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The Ari's Prayer Before Zohar Study