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Webinar & Testimonial Release Agreement

I, the undersigned, in exchange for good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, and without further consideration, do hereby irrevocably grant to Kabbalah Centre International, Inc., its affiliated companies, and their respective licensees, successors, assigns, agents and those for whom they are acting (collectively, “Producer”), my consent and the absolute, unrestricted right and permission to: (i) record and tape my performance, appearance or interview, (ii) use my image, likeness, voice, personally identifiable information, and photographs or video of me that I submit to Producer, including, but not limited, to testimonials, whether written, oral, or videoed/filmed (individually and collectively referred to as “Performance”) made in connection with the Kabbalah Project ("Program"), and (iii) copyright, record, reproduce, broadcast, distribute, edit, publish, exhibit, disseminate, couple and use in any way throughout the universe and in perpetuity, the audio and/or visual portions of any videotape, film, pictures, negatives, prints, photographs, stills or other recordings of the Performance, and any reproduction thereof, including the right to publish and perform master recordings featuring my voice, likeness, image, video or film, written or oral statements, and other personally identifiable information, for use through any medium or media now known or hereafter devised including, but not limited to, theatrical release, home video release (including, but not limited to, cassette, laser disc, DVD, CD-ROM or other means), television (including, but not limited to, free, pay, pay-per-view, cable, broadcast, subscription, video on demand, near video on demand, interactive, satellite or community), radio (including, but not limited to, satellite and terrestrial radio), the Internet, digital transmissions to any interactive digital downloading and streaming media (including, but not limited to, CD-ROM and recordable DVD), non-theatrical television and for advertising, publicity, promotion, trade, programming or any other lawful purpose whatsoever related thereto. I hereby further grant Producer the right to use my name, likeness, and/or biography, taken from the Performance or otherwise provided by me, in promotional materials of any kind in connection with the Program, and Producer’s networks and other services. The foregoing rights and permissions shall be exercisable in whole or in part, at the sole discretion of Producer. I hereby agree that (i) Producer is the sole owner of the results and proceeds of the Performance and (ii) all rights and licenses granted herein are royalty-free and (iii) I waive any interest I may have in and to the copyright in connection therewith. I hereby acknowledge and agree that Producer has the sole discretion to choose whether or not to include me in the Program or testimonials, or broadcast my appearance in the Program and/or testimonials and that Producer’s possible inclusion of me in the Program and/or testimonials in any manner whatsoever shall not entitle me to receive any compensation.

I hereby acknowledge that my Performance has been voluntarily provided without any solicitation, coaching or compensation from Producer. I hereby agree to waive any right that I may have to inspect or approve any finished product, derivatives thereof, or any other subsequent uses made of the recording or Program by Producer pursuant to this Webinar & Testimonial Release.

I acknowledge that Producer is not a signatory to any union, guild, or collective bargaining agreement and that no payments by Producer are due or will be due to myself or to any third party, including unions or guilds, resulting from my performance, appearance, interview or testimonial in connection with the Program. I understand that I may reveal, and other parties may reveal, information about me that is of a personal, private, embarrassing or unfavorable nature. I acknowledge and agree that Producer shall have the right to (a) include any or all such information and appearances, depictions or portrayals in the Program and/or testimonial as edited by Producer in its sole discretion; and (b) to broadcast and otherwise exploit the Program and/or testimonial containing any or all such information and appearances, depictions or portrayals in any manner whatsoever as set forth in this Webinar & Testimonal Release.

I hereby release, discharge and agree to hold harmless Producer, its affiliated companies, its licensees, successors, assigns and agents from any liability, loss, damage, (including consequential), costs, loss of services, claims, including, without limitation, any claim alleging libel, defamation, invasion of any right of privacy or publicity, personal injury, wrongful death, property damage or expenses (including without limitation, attorneys’ fees and costs) arising from or related to the contents, production, broadcast or use of the Performance, or use of any portrait, picture, recording (audio or visual) of me, or of any scene or sequence in which my likeness appears, including the testimonial. I specifically agree to indemnify and hold Producer harmless from any liability arising or resulting from my actual and or alleged statements and/or actions made in connection with the Performance and/or testimonial.

I hereby warrant that I am age eighteen (18) or older and have the power and right to grant the rights herein granted. I acknowledge that I have read and understand this Webinar & Testimonial Release prior to signing it and agree to the terms herein.