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Kabbalah Centre Contributes to the U.S. Tornado Relief Effort

Kabbalah Centre Contributes to the US Tornado Relief Effort

In response to the devastating tornadoes that swept through the southern U.S. states in recent weeks, the Kabbalah Centre has partnered with The Church of the Highlands "Dream Center" in Birmingham, Alabama in order to provide relief and support to the communities affected by these unforeseen natural disasters.


The Dream Center serves as the outreach ministry center of Church of the Highlands in Birmingham, Alabama; their mission being to provide social services and outreach programs designed to meet both physical and spiritual needs. Their recent projects have supported local schools, a recreation center, homeless facility and medical clinic.


As a result of the ongoing efforts of Kabbalah Centre students who have kindly donated goods towards our various outreach programs, the Kabbalah Centre was able to quickly provide over 4,000 items to the Dream Center, ready for distribution to local communities in Alabama affected by the recent tornadoes. Children’s clothing, shoes, toys, blankets and more are now being sorted in Alabama for distribution to families in the region.


Dream Center Program Manager, Jason Cooke, kindly thanked Kabbalah Centre students by sending out this message to Dream Center supporters last week:


“The Kabbalah Center has just graciously donated an entire container load of children’s toys, blankets, and shoes to the tornado relief efforts in Alabama. Please join me in thanking them. 


Zohar Project volunteers in Tennessee, Arkansas and Georgia have also been lending a hand to local communities donating Zohars, sending Light throughout areas affected by the recent chaos, while international Zohar Project volunteers are scanning the Korach Zohar portion in support of recovering communities.


Zohar Project Leader from Atlanta, Georgia shares his team’s visit to a nearby town to lend a hand:


“We made way to Ringgold in Catoosa County, Georgia on Tuesday, May 3.  We reached the Ringgold exit on the highway, and came across the county’s fire department.  It was after office hours, but we still went in and found a couple of the firemen and told them why we came.  The young men were very receptive to our donation of a Sacred Zohar -they were a little amazed that we had traveled so far to bring them the Zohar.  I could feel the men’s appreciation of the donation, and they were happy to recount the night of the tornado to us.  We told them that the Sacred Zohar will be very beneficial to help prevent Ringgold from being in the path of more deadly storms.  They thanked us and I shook their hands; the experience was very exciting.  The men directed us to command central at the local sheriff’s office and jail, and also let us know how to get to the area where the tornado had landed.


The trip was extremely fulfilling. We plan to make a trip each week to share Zohars across the Georgian landscape so as to protect our hometown.  Thank you to the Zohar Project volunteers and supporters who make this project possible. Now let’s go donate more Zohars!”