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The 24/7 Scanning Program: Confronting and Countering Chaos

“The reason there is chaos in this world is there is not enough Light yet revealed. By having the Zohar being scanned every hour of the day in every part of the world, we can guarantee that every opening of chaos throughout the day will always have the counterbalancing energy of the Zohar to fill up that void.” —Michael Berg

Scanning Program

As students of the Zohar, we understand that we are all connected, and therefore we know that sharing and caring for others is at the crux of our spiritual path. Whether we give of our time, energy or resources, the benefits of sharing are immense—for those we share with as well as ourselves.


The Zohar Project is now offering an exciting new way for our online community to come together in the spirit of sharing and supporting others: the 24/7 Scanning Program.


The 24/7 Scanning Program draws its inspiration from a remarkable event in Morocco during World War II. Historians maintain that a fraternity of readers of the Zohar lived in North Africa, made up mostly of Sephardic Jews, who scanned and read the Zohar aloud 24 hours a day—even though they did not understand a single word within. The Nazi war machine, led by General Erwin Rommel, approached Morocco with the objective of rounding up Jews and deporting them to German concentration camps. As the Nazis neared, the people reading the Zohar stepped up their efforts, scanning and chanting constantly in at least five different locations throughout Casablanca. When Rommel demanded that Moroccan King Mohammad V turn over the 250,000 Sephardic Jews in Morocco, the king famously replied, “There are no Jews in Morocco, only Moroccan subjects.” The Nazis did not invade Morocco; Rommel turned around and left without any Jews.


Volunteers engaged in the 24/7 Scanning Program convene daily to scan the Zohar for a variety of causes—from the local and intimate to the profound and global—and now you can too!


Whether it be a personal crisis, a region sunk in darkness or simply an idea or concept, volunteers and read the Zohar in support of every entry on the meditation list. To add your own entry to this one-of-a-kind list and experience the energy of hundreds scanning the Zohar for your cause, please fill out and submit the form, here.


“One year ago, a friend of mine had a 2kg (approximately 4lb) tumor taken from her womb. Her blood tests have been negative since that time. Three weeks after we added her to the 24/7 scanning list, her blood test values turned to positive. She is grateful now.” —Sevgi Sannav, Turkey


Be part of a link that has seen the Zohar scanned every second of every day since May 2012. Join the 24/7 Scanning Program and scan the Zohar with fellow students from across the globe to reveal spiritual Light and counterbalance the negativity seen in our world today.


Join the 24/7 Scanning Program, here.