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Mind Over Matter, Light Over Darkness |
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Light Over Darkness

Zohar Portion of Tetzaveh

In last week’s Zohar portion, Terumah, we learned about the construction of the Tabernacle. With the help of the Zohar we understand that the Bible is not referring to the physical presence of a Tabernacle and what it contained, but rather to a higher elevation of consciousness that exists within the physical reality.


We are not accustomed to the idea of a physical, material entity having a consciousness, yet when we look into the Zohar it describes the structure and consciousness of an atom. This immaterial, non-physical entity was known then, and for us today, as one of the most powerful sources of energy.


Kabbalist Rav Ashlag observed that the atom is a consciousness. Imagine trillions of atoms that move when a person waves their hand, and yet their hand cannot penetrate through a piece of wood, which is made up of 99% atoms. This is a strange phenomenon that science still cannot explain.


To appreciate and understand this concept we need to devote enough time and study to the Zohar. Rav Ashlag and Kabbalist Rav Isaac Luria (the Ari) explain that physical matter—skin, the flesh below the skin, the veins, the bones—all represent particular Sefirot in the Tree of Life. Is the Zohar teaching that blood has consciousness, and the skin we take off from a blister has consciousness? Yes.


In the portion of Tetzaveh we read about the clothing of the High Priest. Some of us may ask: is it really important today to know what garments the High Priest wore. Rav Isaac Luria, who gleaned all of his information from the Zohar, says clothes have a consciousness and that clothes covering the body have a consciousness related to their position on the body. For example, when veins are in a certain position in the body they have a specific consciousness.


Everything has consciousness, there is no such thing as a vacuum. The fact that we are unaware of this consciousness is a detriment to us. If our consciousness is empty, then we are governed by the force of negativity, and we have no control.


The Tree of Life

Rav Isaac Luria explains that clothing is in the domain of Malchut —our physical dimension. Our bones are the domain of Chochmah —the highest level of the Sefirot; and our veins and muscles are covered by the skin. Then we arrive to the level of clothing, which has a consciousness of Malchut, the receiver. Clothing accepts consciousness and consists of 99 percent atoms.


We understand from Rav Ashlag that atoms have consciousness, but what kind of consciousness do they have? The Zohar describes it this way: atoms are made up of a proton, electron, and neutron, meaning we are discussing Right, Left and Central Column consciousness.


  • Right Column is the proton, which is the Sefira of Chesed and represents sharing

  • Left Column is the electron, which is the Sefira of Gevurah and is receiving

  • Central Column is the neutron, which is the Sefira of Tiferet

In order to know how we can influence physical matter, first we have to have the knowledge that we can control the atom. Secondly, we have to know that there is a way to access the Lightforce of the Creator, which is why the portion Tetzaveh is so powerful.

Tetzaveh begins with the words, “V’atah tetzave,” meaning, “And you should command…”

The Zohar informs us that the word “you,” is repeated twice. If you know Hebrew, the Bible could simply have said tetzave, which means “you should command.” Why do we need the word v’atah, and “you”? It is redundant. Many other commentators have also raised the same question, saying that there is no need, no necessity for this additional little word.

The Zohar reveals for us such an awesome, profound explanation here of mind over matter, Light over darkness. Light has a consciousness, and now we have to discuss the consciousness of darkness. Does darkness have a consciousness?  Doesn’t darkness only mean the absence of light? No, my friends. Darkness and chaos is the seed of negativity.

Does this mean we are forever destined to remain in chaos? No, says the Zohar, which brings us to the one word that permeates throughout this portion, “v’atah.”

I wouldn’t know to provide this explanation without the Zohar, which explains that the Hebrew letter Vav, the first letter of the word v’atah, is Zeir Anpin and the word atah is Malchut. Through Tetzaveh, we are empowered to bring the consciousness of Zeir Anpin (the vav), into the realm of Malchut (the atah), which is the power of the priestly clothing.

Tetzaveh helps us to understand that we can empower the physical reality with Lightforce consciousness. The Zohar says darkness cannot coexist with Light, therefore when there is Lightforce consciousness present, the darkness is gone.

Read the full Zohar portion of Tetzaveh and connect to the energy of the week here.



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