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Coming Closer to the Flawless Universe | zohar.com
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Zohar Portion of Vayigash

Never, in 48 years, have I been without a Zohar, it is that important. But sometimes we do forget the importance of the Zohar, which is the only answer.


In the portion of Vayigash, the Bible says that Yehuda “came close” to Joseph and began to plead with him about the destiny (the judgment) that would be forthcoming on his younger brother Benjamin, who was accused of being a thief. Yehuda began to repeat everything that was mentioned in the previous portion concerning his family, his brothers, and his father. He went on and on, and they all began to cry, and then Joseph revealed who he was and beckoned that his father be brought down to Egypt to him.

If we are to simply glance over any translation of this biblical story, the Zohar says it reveals nothing because in almost every verse there are contradictions, and ridiculous statements.

For instance, why did Joseph, knowing his father was in pain for 17 years, finally reveal himself now? What is this all about? Why do we persist in trying to understand the Bible as a literal text when it makes absolutely no sense to us at all?

The Bible says Vayigash alav Yehuda (Yehuda came close to him, and told him), and the Zohar asks why does it say “came close” and not simply “Yehuda told him”? Herein lies the whole secret of what The Kabbalah Centre is all about. We have learned that the purpose of Kabbalah and the Zohar is to bring this chaotic, painful, suffering world of Malchut closer to the universe known as Zeir Anpin, which is the Tree of Life, the Flawless Universe so that we can alleviate, if not completely remove, the chaos from our lives.

The Zohar explains that Yehuda represents the epitome of Malchut, and Joseph is the chariot of Zeir Anpin.

I have previously stated that without the entire world reading or scanning the Zohar we cannot collectively eliminate pain and suffering. This requires the consciousness of the entire world. Everyone has to be included. The Israelis have to be aware of the Arabs, and the Arabs have to be aware of the Israelis, and everywhere else where there is conflict, where there is pain and suffering, each individual has to learn to be aware of other individuals.

The Zohar says that Yehuda’s repetition of what had occurred was to remove this chaos, helping us to understand that no man can live alone. We are living the Armageddon right now because we are affected by everyone else.

A separation existed between Zeir Anpin (Joseph), and Malchut (Yehuda), and without the revelation of Yehuda, pain and suffering would never have been removed.
Today, when we have problems, we can lose our consciousness, which is why it is essential to at least scan the Zohar every day to maintain our consciousness. Each and every one of us has an obligation to further improve our lives. This is an obligation that we cannot shirk. If anyone, who understands the value of Zohar, does not make an effort to spread this document that can improve people’s lives, we are guilty of the pain and suffering that we could have helped alleviate in someone else’s life. As long as there is no consciousness down here, there is no consciousness in the Flawless Universe.

The Zohar explains that Joseph could no longer control himself because the gates of Yehuda open when the Malchut is prepared to accept that we are responsible for everything that is negative. If we can accept responsibility, we have opened up the gates of abundance and cause Zeir Anpin to reveal itself in our lives and create miracles. The Upper World opens to us with the actions that we do and the responsibility we take.

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